Monday, October 5, 2015

A Beautiful Fall Day

We came back from a longish trip visiting family in California and noticed immediately that all the colors had changed while we were away, and it is beautiful here. This reminded me of some pictures I had taken on a lovely Saturday afternoon walk two years ago sometime in Fall of 2013, which I remember was an exceptionally long and beautiful Fall. Sometimes we don't get much color here: The weather can go from hot to cold, and all the leaves turn brown and simply fall off without making a show. I wanted to enjoy these pictures again, and thought others might like them too.

Above is the place we started from, a patchwork of community garden plots.

I had my two favorite girls with me: My daughter, then 8, and Leia (below), also 8, named after Princess Leia when the boys were young and into Star Wars. We think she was born at approximately the same time as our daughter so they share a birthday.

I love this little trail off the asphalt biking/walking/running path because it shoots off into the brush and along the river (ahem, more of a creek IMO), so it does not feel like you are in the city. It is not very long, and you can still hear the cars in the distance, but I love it anyway.

Does anyone recognize this path? Here is the marking place where it starts. I'm not sure the symbolism was intentional or who put it there, but it is meaningful to me.

Wherever you live, I hope that you are enjoying this Fall.