Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just a tiny little piece at a time

I'm amazed to see my novel on Amazon. It feels unreal. How did I get THAT done? In this season of life when I am busier than ever, working 5 days a week at a bank, with a busy (and ever hungry!) household of 6, and older kids whose activities and sports take up lots of my evenings and weekends.

How? By doing one tiny little piece at a time.

A counselor told me that sometimes when your time is more limited, you get more accomplished. Adults often find that when they go back to college with kids and possibly a job as well, they study more and get better grades than when they were young and had much more "time to study." How? Having very limited time at your disposal forces the issue.  You can do this, or you can do that, but only one them fits. You have to choose. There's no long free day stretching ahead, no nebulous "someday" or "sometime" to fall back on.

Most weeks I literally had less than 5 hours a week to work on the manuscript, or one and a half hours, three mornings a week. I'd have more if I was a "morning person," but I'm not.  Because of PTSD, I often don't sleep well at all. And once I'm home from work and the kids are here--forget it.

Really, I had very little time. But I've been faithful. I've been disciplined. I've tried to use what time I had, and trust that, though I felt frustrated and would have loved to have more time to focus, it would eventually get done.

And guess what? It did!

Now I am starting to have some ideas for a new story. Story creation takes more time and focus than the polishing and editing I've been doing the past year. When I initially wrote the scenes for my first book, I had one and then two children, and I was at home. Small children take a lot of energy to be sure, but they also took long naps and went to bed early. I sure felt busy, but looking back, I had way more time at my disposal then than I do now. Then came baby number three, who didn't nap, and stayed up late!, and overseas moves, and the manuscript went into a drawer for 8 years.

I'd like to have more focus. Maybe someday that will be possible. For now, I'll keep plugging away, step by step, inch by inch. And hopefully, God will make something of it. Like the little boy with his loaves and two fish, a favorite analogy of mine. We bring the little we have to Jesus, and we trust him with our offering. That is all we are really expected to do.