Saturday, January 17, 2015

Obedience, Again: A poem about Abraham

Abraham did not have it easy, and was asked to do some things that would make most of us balk and then quickly, turn our backs and walk away.  It is interesting to imagine into the story.

Obedience, Again

Genesis 22:1-3

the voice had said,
“Give me your son—
Your only son.
The son that you

And there it is again,
That quick, unquestioning
obedience.  Abraham
saddled his donkey and
split the wood.
He loaded up the cart and took
the fire, the knife, and
his son.

Abraham knew
that if Isaac died,
all the promises of God—
all the promises he
had staked his life on
were false, were negated,
were made void.

God must have some
plan, Abraham thought—
some trick hidden
up his sleeve.  For he
had been rebuked
before, and had come himself
to believe the

Is anything
too difficult
for the Lord?

This one was published here in the literary magazine First Things in October of 2000.  Before we moved overseas and all the writing went into a file in a deep drawer.