Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Now a Prayer Poem from me

Here is a poem I composed about prayer while walking along Cannon Beach.  I realize how much my practice and my point of view have changed over the years, in good ways.


In prayer, it is hard to be dutiful.
Because to me,
you are never dutiful.
Maybe when you went to the cross,
but after this,

You are all open like a cup
pouring out, 
pouring in,
new water, new wine
each time.  So how

Can I know what to pray?
When every day is new, and
I must learn your thoughts
for each day,
for each person,

Always different
then I expect.
How can I know
what to pray
until you tell me?

There are people that I love,
so I pour out my concern for them
to you, and I trust that
you understand. 
Perhaps it would be easier

To make a list,
tick off the boxes.
Perhaps that would take
less time, expend
less grief.

But my heart is open
to you, Lord—
I hold nothing back.
Not one of these ones
that I love,

That I have failed
in multitudes of ways.
But you are better than me.
will not fail them.