Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Daughter of Sarah

Now it is Sarah's turn for a poem.  I am sure it was no small test to be married to the great patriarch Abraham, the forefather of three great faiths.  But in a time and context where women had no little status, she is mentioned for her faith in the New Testament.  God notices our faithfulness in all the little hard things, even if others do not.

A Daughter of Sarah

1 Peter 3:8

What a comfort it is to me that Sarah
is called righteous—
She who laughed
at the promises of God.

She who grew cynical
with the passing years, who
manipulated to achieve her plans and then
was jealous and spiteful and cruel
when they did not turn out
as she had so carefully

Yes, I have done
this, too.

She who knew much
about the pitching of tents,
and hard work when one is weary,
and the preparation of food in makeshift,
outdoor places, and the scornful sidelong
glances of child-bearing women.
She who knew

About hopes deferred and
a broken heart, and impossible promises
grasped so hard and then let go, almost forgotten.
Left behind on the trail of work-weariness,
of always setting one’s sights
toward the next move,
toward the work at hand.

She who heard
so little from God, directly,
yet somehow trusted,
yet somehow possessed faith
despite these things.

I can be your daughter, Sarah—
call me your daughter, too.